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Amsterdam - Canals by Night

I had a fleeting trip to Amsterdam with only evenings to explore, but the city was just as beautiful as I had hoped. The cute, narrow buildings lined up along the lit up canals with the lights reflected in the water made everything seem totally magical. There were even more cyclists than I had expected, even knowing it was a cycling city - in fact crossing the street is borderline hazardous! We walked out to Bilderdijkpark to meet some old friends of mine who now live in the city, which was a great walk that I would recommend. It was probably a good thing that the many independent stores were closed so I couldn't go in and find things to buy! It was a fleeting but fun first glimpse of the iconic city.

Places to eat

Flora - a cosy and atmospheric Mexican restaurant placed in the Bilderdijkpark, I recommend the kimchi quesadillas

Vegan friendly?

For sure! There are vegan places everywhere and if all else fails, there are lots of places to get a poke of chips


My main highlight was catching up with old friends, but in general it was wonderful just walking around, exploring and seeing the beautiful canals and little streets lit up at night.

November 2018

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