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Munich - A Wild Morning in Poing

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

I started a new job in September at a cancer charity where I frequently travel to oncology conferences around the world to make video content on new research to put online for free for oncologists who could not attend. It's very satisfying to be doing something good, as well as using my skills and getting to travel. My first work trip was to Munich, Germany.

Honestly, while sometimes I manage to arrange to stay at locations for a couple of extra days, I didn't have much time to explore the city on this first trip. We spent one evening exploring the city, including seeing the sights from the top of the Glockenspiel. The city seemed very modern with lots of parks and art galleries, but it was quite misty during our stay which gave it a very strange vibe, with high rises fading into the sky. There were also pollution warnings, which I didn't expect.

However we did manage to visit Wildpark Poing, just a short drive outside of the city. Word of advice, it's cash only - something we naively didn't plan for, and the nearest cash point is quite far!

I have been to a lot of wildlife parks, but this was really quite unique. When you first enter, there are small animals in hutches which made us quite unsure about what to expect. However then we noticed the fella in the picture waiting for us over a cattle grid. Good thing we bought some feed at the gate!

The enclosures in the park are spread out around the woodland, containing species that would have roamed wild in the forest in spacious enclosures that blend in to the natural environment. It is bizarre to be watching lynx and wolves so close up with deer running through the trees in the background, and made me desperately regret not bringing my camera! They also had a wide range of birds of prey and lots of smaller very interesting species that you don't often get a chance to see, such as coypu.

I know that people have mixed feelings about zoos - I am personally in favour of them, although I wish there were stricter regulations and higher, consistent standards. I feel if more zoos were like this it would promote a healthier image of the environment in which animals belong, as well as the sort of environment that humans should enjoy seeing them in. Hopefully one day these species will repopulate more of the areas where they were once found, and can be viewed in the wild - ideally from further away!

Places to eat:

I'm not a fan of pork, so German cuisine is not my thing! We ate Vietnamese food most nights, which seems particularly popular in Germany.

Vegan friendly?:

Good luck, enjoy your pretzels.


Definitely Poing Wildlife Park!


I almost called this post 'Wild Poing', but it sounded like a different sort of blog...

October 2018

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