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San Antonio - From California to Texas

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

San Antonio was quite a contrast to San Diego.

For one, I didn't actually expect so many people to be wearing cowboy hats...

We didn't have much free time in the city, and I got sick, so my impression of the city was very fleeting.

For a start, we were on the plane with a bunch of new army recruits. The girl sitting next to me said she was mostly joining to pay for college - something I can imagine she shared with a lot of the plane - however she did seem pretty excited about the opportunity. San Antonio is pretty much a military town from what I can tell.

I did manage to have an evening wandering along the river walk and accidentally ended up at the Alamo. It was a strange impression, particularly as re-enactors were walking around he grounds with (hopefully) fake muskets. I think I would need to know more about North American history to really understand it's significance. It was a nice walk around the garden at least.

Unfortunately I spent the rest of the trip really sick. Not having the best immune system, this was something I had been dreading since I started travelling regularly. As it turned out it wasn't as bad as I had imagined, and luckily I was past the worst of it before I had my long haul flight back (I don't think they would have appreciated my sleeping on the bathroom floor like in my hotel room!). However now I do now travel with a couple of rehydration packs just in case - something I would recommend.

What I can say for San Antonio is that the people were very friendly, however I hate being called Ma'am.


The river walk is really quite nice, but I wouldn't go to San Antonio just for that.

Vegan friendly?

I barely ate during my time there, but I wouldn't bet on there being options everywhere. However the vegans I was working with did manage to order some worryingly convincing 'chicken' wings.

December 2018

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