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Taking the girl out of Scotland

I didn't travel much growing up, financially it simply wasn't a priority. At the age of 19, my travels out of Scotland totalled two school trips to northern England and a family trip to Jersey when I was 8 where we spent most of our time in the Gerald Durrell Zoo. Actually, I'm grateful for this. When I finally got to go outside of British territory I saw everything with brand new eyes and took nothing for granted. My curiosity about the world was at full capacity and I was eager to go everywhere and anywhere - I still am. My first trip was to the French Alps, Alpe d'Huez on the (in)famous BUSC trip. I travelled by bus all the way from Aberdeenshire with thousands of other students for a long weekend of snowboarding (and, let's be honest, a fair amount of partying too). The mountain views took my breathe away, and although it wasn't my ideal sort of trip it fuelled me to go further afield.

Having been on a plane only twice in my life, and a very small one at that, my second trip was a big one. In 2011 at the age of 20 I boarded a plane by myself and went to visit my sister in Perth, Australia for a month. It was a formative trip where we did something every single day and covered most of the West Coast of Australia, from Monkey Mia in Shark Bay to the Valley of the Giants tree top walk near Walpole. It was my first big adventure. Since then I have been lucky enough to find work as a videographer that has allowed me to travel, and if nothing else I want to note them somewhere for my own memories - sharing any advice and pictures I pick up along the way.

Shell Beach, Western Australia

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